Crab Cracker Seafood Tools Set of 14

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  • The package contains a set of seafood tools, 6 Zinc alloy lobster openers and 8 stainless steel forks/picks.
  • The walnut clip can be easily crush crab legs, lobster claws, nuts, etc. The small fork in front of the seafood needle can be used to get crab legs, enjoy nuts and seafood.
  • The design of the seafood tools with comfortable grip can be used perfectly for opening lobsters and other seafood, but works also evenly good as pecan and walnut nut cracker.
  • Seafood biscuits and lobster forks are made of high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel for easy cleaning and re-use. Manual cleaning is recommended.
  • Our seafood tool have three positions, great for lobsters,shell fish,crab shells and also nuts,great for restaurants,picnic and home use.They have a good grip and everyone could be use it.

Details: Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Lobsters, Crab Legs, Too Hard to Peel?
I love it nuts and seafood, pecans, macadamia nuts, lobsters, crab legs, etc., always eat enough, and it is too
difficult to peel, nuts are still broken, try our preparation for you: Seiko force clamp, gently one Clip the
walnuts and seafood, eat the nuts and seafood, and enjoy the quality of life.

Product Information
Material: Zinc alloy
Surface Treatment: electroplating
Size:Walnut clip5.8inch Seafood needle6.9inch

*.Zinc alloy material does not rust.
*.Chrome nickel fine polished surface.
*.Multi-tooth design, the hardest pecans are also crushed.

How to use?
1.Seafood Tools Crab Clips: Take crab legs or walnuts to avoid bleeding.
2.Crab needles for seafood tools: The fork in front of the fork can be used to fork crabs on the legs.Due to the finer details, the meat can be cleaned. Behind the flat part used to dig crab meat.