Pet Hair Remover Brush

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  • HANDY - Pet Hair Remover brush is an indispensable assistant. Fur remover brush with 2X DURABLE BLISTER shows an excellent results in cleaning your car seat, carpet, furniture and clothes from pet hair
  • DOUBLE-SIDED lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush. Pet fur and lint remover with self cleaning base expels fur and hair from the lint brush. Reusable lint remover will serve for years.
  • FOR LEFTIES AND RIGHTIES - Pet lint brush is equal comfortable for all people. Dog hair remover and cat hair remover is a perfect gift.
  • SMART - Fur & Lint Removal Brush has no tape, no battery. You have periodically clear the fur out of the bottom. Included Travel Size fur remover for free.
  • UNIVERSAL - It's time easily remove lint and pet hair. Fur removal brush is what you need. Easy hair removal brush removes fur from clothes and furniture. 


Hair Lint Remover kit includes:
- 5-year warranty for quality-related issues on pet fur and lint remover with self cleaning base
- 1 self cleaning pet hair remover brush with cleaning base
- 1 Travel Size pet fur & lint remover brush
- 100% Friendly and fast customer service on our lint brush
- 100% Satisfaction guaranteed on pet hair remover brush

How to use the pet hair remover lint brush:
1 step: Lint brush for furniture : during the brushing follow the direction of the bristles.Lint brush for car seat: if you brush with the grain or move the brush in a back-and-forth motion, it will not pick up as much hair, fur or lint as it should
2 step: When the pet hair remover brush is muddied (fur, hair, lint) dip the brush into the self-cleaning base. Now the brush of the fur removal tool for car seats is ready to use.
3 step: Just open the tray of dog hair remover and dispose of the content when the base is full.

How to open the base of fur removal kit for furniture:
1 step: Release the buckle of the base on one side from pet hair removal system.
2 step: Release the buckle of the fur removal for furniture on the other side of the base, then open the cleaning base.
For furry lovers, pet fur and pet lint are just a fact of life. Luckily, we have a lint remover pet hair brush for dog cat. The easiest solution for fur is our fur remover for dogs and cats. This brush has a base cover that scratches the debris out of the brush and holds it until you empty it. Small size of our pet hair remover system makes it simple to store and spare your space. Dog cat pet fur lint hair remover brush has an elegant appearance and simple white-blue design. The handle of the pet fur & lint remover is well made for a comfortable grip. Make your room and clothes fresh and clean with pet hair removal brush.